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Just a university student with grand dreams and aspirations. Trying to make the world a better place through writing.


What is PLUR? What does it stand for? What significance does the acronym have on the rave community? ~~~ PLUR stands for: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. We use a series of hand signs, and PLUR when exchanging kandi – beaded … Continue reading

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Ravers Epitath

This was created after the manifesto, after a group of death occurred due to drug use. The media portrayed all of us, and rave culture as a bad thing. They just added to the stigma, and this was a response. … Continue reading

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Ravers Manifesto

I came across this recently and I find it quite beautiful. It represents the part of me that I don’t show, that I can’t always express, because of the stigma and the stereotypes. I stand behind this, because it sums … Continue reading

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