Ravers Epitath

This was created after the manifesto, after a group of death occurred due to drug use. The media portrayed all of us, and rave culture as a bad thing. They just added to the stigma, and this was a response.

We are Ravers.

Not the best of happy, cheerful, drug-induced ravers that the world has stereotyped, lining our world with translucent and iridescent colors to illuminate our irreality that supposedly flows in our glow stick infused blood streams, downing energy drinks to fuel our manic movements across the dance floor.

We are human, as well as ravers. We bleed and bruise, sing and dance, and play at being people while the rest of the world mulls about the world, succeeding in their personal suicide, while we welcome the whim of accepting the defeat of the common week, taking part of the normal ritualistic society created on the hell bent repetitive monetary system, with a government who’s selfish interest creates more problems before fixing the old, causing more pain and torment.

 We believe in PLUR. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. We believe that if the world held these values in retrospect, that the world we live in would truly be a better place. Our delusion is time and time again proved by the sound flowing out the speakers as we revel in our moon-lit festivals every weekend to every day.

 We are nocturnal, enjoying every ravenous sunless fleck of time, minute to minute, second to second, beat to beat, ear-drinking in the lilting and savage primal sounds that flow from our favorite music makers, the Disk Jockeys that save us from inner torment.

 We become fuel.

We become power.

We become Energy.

We become sound.

We become PLUR.

We are existence.

And we create a world where the universe can join and co-exist.

 I am a Raver.

Not a junkie, not a whore, not a drug-user, not a pusher, not a seller.

I am a Raver.

I am a person of intelligence, intellect, passion, and knowledge.

I learn, I breath, I exist.

I am not fake.

I am not dead.

 I am a Raver, and proud to be one.



About tkdkid789

Just a university student with grand dreams and aspirations. Trying to make the world a better place through writing.
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